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There are two simple steps to find out the cost of your restoration.

    • Using your cell phone, take a picture of the photo you’d like restored.
    • Email us your photo (include the original photo size and what size you’re looking to get) and we’ll respond with your quote!
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    What happens after I approve my quote?

    We’ll request that you either mail, upload or drop off your photos based on your location. Once your order is complete, we’ll notify you. You can choose to pick up or have us mail your restored photos to you.

    Prefer an in-person consultation?

    Come by our studio with your originals and we’ll discuss the best course of action for your photos. View our contact details by clicking here.


“You did a fantastic job restoring my photos. Not to mention, it was the best Christmas present my partner has ‘ever’ received.”
~ Alex


“My parent’s vacation photos look great thanks!”
~ Joan